Pancakes and Pickles

About 7 years ago, my father and I were eating at a local diner.  After I ordered pancakes, the waitress asked me if I wanted a pickle with my pancake?  Really?! A pickle with my pancake? That’s when my father and I created the idea for a children’s alphabet book titled Pancakes and Pickles.  We have worked on it little by little, usually on vacations or on long plane rides.  Inspired by Miracle League, we finally completed and are publishing the book.  We also connected with Ringling School of Art and Design students, who donated a great deal of time to illustrate Pancakes and Pickles.  They really brought the words to life.

I encourage everyone to purchase our book.  All profits will be donated to Miracle League of Manasota.  The money raised will go toward providing more comfortable and safe facilities, uniforms and ongoing maintenance for the special fields designed for the players.  I thank Miracle League’s participants and volunteers for inspiring me to take a small idea to a real creation.  If anyone would like to learn about Miracle League please visit

All illustrations in Pancakes and Pickles were created by 13 illustrations students from Ringling College of Art and Design. We are all amazed by their talents.

Thank you,